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Serving Seniors, Families, and Georgia


The Law Office of Donald S. Horace, Esq. was founded by former Administrative Law Judge Donald S. Horace in April 2010 and it is committed to providing high-quality legal services and client satisfaction. To that end, we will do everything we can to meet and exceed your expectations.

With an emphasis on Elder Law and Family Law, the Law Office of Donald S. Horace, Esq. can meet your legal needs in a cost effective, professional, and timely manner. We are sure that you will be happy working with us and the results of our representation. So, give us a call to schedule your appointment and to discuss how we can serve you. If you are busy or you prefer, we will come to you!

You can visit us at our multiples office: 160 Clairemont Avenue, Suite 200, Decatur, Georgia 30030 or 320 West Lanier Avenue, Suite 200, Fayetteville, Georgia 30214.

Client inquiries should be made at, (404) 855-5285, or

(404) 213-6473.

If you have questions, don't wait to contact us. Any delay may adversely impact your legal rights. 

Law Office of Donald S. Horace

Phone: 404-213-6473


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